“Whenever the President of the United States authorizes a military intervention, he must clearly define the goal and mission of our involvement to Congress, our men and women in uniform, and the American people. Unfortunately, President Obama has failed to meet this criteria, and the cost of our involvement in Libya remains unclear.

"Huge changes are occurring all over the Middle East, and while we are grateful for our allies in Europe and the Arab community, clear and focused American leadership is as important today as it ever has been. The President's response to these upheavals has often been unsteady and uncertain. If the United States was going to act in Libya, the President should have acted weeks before he did, and done so using much clearer guiding principles and with a more clearly-defined strategy.

"I'm hopeful our efforts in Libya are met with success, but at this time I remain deeply concerned that contradictions in the President's strategy could have real repercussions for America in the region and throughout the world."