The United States has long been at the forefront of innovation. As we compete in a global economy, Senator Blunt is a strong advocate for legislative policies which have fostered growth in the telecommunications sector and advancement in many different fields of technology. 

The rapid expansion in the telecommunications field has been a continuous driver of economic growth nationwide.  The ingenuity of businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs in this marketplace, coupled with a light regulatory touch from the federal and state governments, have allowed this sector of our economy to prosper even as other industries struggle to recover from the recent recession.

As Americans continue to adopt newer and more advanced technology, Senator Blunt will strongly support streamlining regulatory burdens and allowing innovators to continue to grow this dynamic marketplace. He supports legislation to update duplicative and unnecessary regulations, such as S. 1434, the Data Security Act of 2011.  He is also working to enact legislation that would decrease the deficit by providing for the sale of much-needed wireless spectrum to commercial telecommunications firms while protecting vital emergency broadcasting services.

In 2003, only 15 percent of Americans had access to broadband.  Competition in this field is robust, and Senator Blunt believes that in order to maintain this level of competitiveness, the federal government needs to stay out of the way of private industry and allow it space to innovate without the fear of burdensome regulations.

In the Senate, Senator Blunt is one of the lead sponsors of legislation which will make more efficient the visa application and issuance policies of the State Department for foreign travelers coming to the United States. He supports legislation to expand the Visa Waiver program for countries which adopt policies that fit our strenuous security requirements. Both of these policies will benefit the American tourism industry and U.S. businesses that rely on extensive global business travel.

Senator Blunt understands that our modern economy is built on our ability to fairly trade and compete with other nations. As the global marketplace has expanded, Senator Blunt has remained a strong advocate for increasing economic opportunities for American enterprise all over the world. That’s why Senator Blunt has been a long-time champion of expanding trade opportunities between the United States and other countries, and he has remained focused on the benefits of breaking down trade barriers and streamlining trade policy for American businesses and our workforce.

Senator Blunt played a key role in ensuring Senate passage of trade deals with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea in 2011, which had been languishing in Congress for many years. These agreements will improve and streamline the United States’ trade practices with these three countries and zero out or eliminate a number of other tariffs on U.S. goods.

  • Letter from GOP Senators Re: Burdensome Over-Regulation Impacting Tourism Industry - DOJ Hotel Lift.pdf (496.3 KBs)