Feb 28 2013


Senator Mike Lee (Utah)

The vast majority of Americans recognize that Washington's spending is excessively wasteful.  "Cut This, Not That” is a campaign to remind Americans and the president that with a budget that exceeds $3 trillion dollars there is plenty of room for cutting.

Below are examples of wasteful government spending:

Cut Star Wars parties, not missile defense.

Cut food testing on Mars, not teachers.

Cut Solyndra, not first responders.

Cut food stamps for liquor stores, not Aircraft carriers. 

Cut premium class travel for government employees, not Air Traffic Controllers.

Cut Obama's golf vacations, not military base teachers.

Cut Eric Holder's luxury jet before we start letting criminals go free.

Cut frivolous regulations before closing national parks.

Let's cut fitness training before teacher salaries.

Cut redundant agencies before cancelling White House tours.

Cut food tasting, not food inspecting.

Cut President Obama's golf outings over White House tours.

Cut the IRS television studio over Air Traffic Controllers.

Cut luxurious government conferences over meat inspectors.

Cut vacant federal properties over delaying aircraft carriers.

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