Mar 01 2013


Senator Tom Coburn (Okla.)

In the wake of recent across the board sequester cuts, President Obama must provide leadership to rein in wasteful government spending while continuing to protect American jobs, public safety, and national defense.  

Below are examples of wasteful government spending:

#SequesterThis: $170K trips to Hawaii for tax collectors, $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes by federal employees from 2011, and an alternative energy tax credit that has sent approximately 4,500 jobs overseas.

#SequesterThis: The National Science Foundation is still funding robosquirrels and shrimp on treadmills, along with other questionable projects funded by over $3 million in grants.

#SequesterThis: Another "Bridge to Nowhere" costing over $500,000 with no road or vehicle traffic.

#SequesterThis: With threats of laying off food inspectors, USDA to continue grant that funded $25,000 watermelon queen tour.

#SequesterThis: The FAA looks to furlough aircraft controllers yet plans to attend conferences while hiring community planners & program assistants.

#SequesterThis: A $325,000 Robot Squirrel project that has escaped the Sequester.

#SequesterThis: With looming threats to curtail food safety inspections, USDA employees have planned to attend upcoming conferences in California and Oregon that will feature "guest chefs" and "exceptional wines" for tastings.

#SequesterThis: $500 million in non-essential vehicles, not vital services.

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