Health Care

As the current administration prepares to implement ObamaCare, Senator Blunt has strong concerns about the impact of this massive and costly government takeover. He has supported efforts to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with policies that make quality health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans, while upholding our traditions of choice and privacy.

One of the many common-sense reforms Senator Blunt supports is medical liability reform. To help address this issue, Senator Blunt introduced the “Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare” (HEALTH) Act, which would reduce health care costs by discouraging junk lawsuits. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), instituting the types of reforms in this bill could save taxpayers $54 billion over 10 years.

Senator Blunt supported legislation to repeal the costly “1099” mandate created by ObamaCare, which would have imposed onerous reporting requirements on approximately 40 million job creators nationwide. He also joined 42 of his colleagues to cosponsor a bipartisan bill to repeal the CLASS Act, an unfunded entitlement program for long-term care that was criticized by members both sides of the aisle and would have added to our growing budget deficit. In 2011, the Obama Administration announced that the CLASS Act would not be implemented because it is unworkable, and the CLASS Act was formally repealed in January 2013.

Senator Blunt also believes that Congress must find ways to spend federal dollars more wisely when it comes to identifying and treating people who are mentally ill. He’s a co-sponsor of several bipartisan bills, including the “Excellence in Mental Health Act,” which addresses our nation’s fragmented mental health system by offering current Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) a chance to obtain the Federally Qualified Community Behavioral Health Center (FQCBHC) designation.

Senator Blunt is a co-sponsor of the “Mental Health First Aid Act of 2013,” which authorizes the launch of a demonstration program to support mental health first aid trainings nationwide in order to help individuals to identify, understand, and respond to the signs of mental illnesses and addiction disorders. In addition, Senator Blunt is a co-sponsor of the “Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act,” which improves access to mental health services for people in the criminal justice system who need treatment and gives law enforcement officers the tools they need to identify and respond to mental health issues.

Senator Blunt is the co-founder of the Senate Community Health Center Caucus, and he serves as the Honorary Co-Chair of the nonpartisan Alliance for Health Reform. He understands that we must fix our nation’s health care system, but President Obama’s one-size-fits-all government takeover is simply not the right answer.