Mar 14 2013

Senator Blunt: Democrats’ Budget Proposal Will Hurt Private Sector Job Creation In Missouri

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) released the following statement in response to the Senate Democrats’ FY2014 budget proposal, which not only fails to propose any reform to wasteful government spending, but increases spending by $2.2 trillion, 62 percent, over the next 10 years:

“After nearly four years without a Senate budget, I’m disappointed this proposal fails to cut wasteful spending, address deficit reduction, or enact meaningful entitlement reform. Instead, the Majority’s budget hurts job creation in Missouri and includes more tax hikes and reckless spending, which has led us to a record $16.7 trillion debt.”

Specifically, the Senate Democrat Budget:

  • Raises taxes by $1.5 trillion.
  • Increases spending by $162 billion in just the next year. 
  • Increases spending by 62 percent (to $5.7 trillion) over the next decade. 
  • Adds $7.3 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years.
  • Fails to reform broken entitlement programs that are the lead drivers of America's debt.

In Missouri, the impact of the Democrat Budget tax changes would result in devastating losses in personal income, household disposable income, and job opportunities.


In 2018

Through 2022



-$35,179,034,000 (total)



-$48,425,384,625 (total)

  Income Per Household


-$20,571 (total)



-11,310 (average)

Source: Missouri’s state breakdown of overall economic impact calculated by Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions’ staff economists.

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