Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.)

What’s At Stake?

Once again, Senate Democrats are plotting a partisan power grab that would destroy the Senate’s historic role in fostering compromise and debate. Instead of reaching across the aisle, they're attempting to build a wall.

By threatening to launch the so-called “nuclear option,” Senate Democrats would weaken – and possibly eliminate – the minority party’s ability to debate and amend controversial legislation.

What’s worse: The Democrats’ partisan power grab threatens to silence the voices of nearly half of Americans in states with Republican Senators.

This move would pave the way for Majority Leader Harry Reid to ram through President Obama’s divisive agenda and controversial nominees without any compromise – destroying critical checks and balances in the Senate.

We need more transparency and more bipartisanship in Washington – not less. Senators should work together to pass the best legislation possible without silencing the voices of half of the country.

Protect your voice by calling on Senate Democrats to stop this partisan power grab and work together to do what is best for America.

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