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Letter to the Editor: Sen. Blunt is a committed Alzheimer's advocate

April 09, 2019

I wrote the Missourian on March 22 about Missouri’s Alzheimer’s crisis. Afterward, I went with 25 Missourians to Capitol Hill in Washington to meet Sen. Roy Blunt.

I write now to update readers and to correct a line from my March letter.

On April 2, Sen. Blunt met us personally, promptly shaking hands and thanking us for our advocacy. Then he began speaking.His words floored me. He presented to us every fact and figure about Alzheimer’s that we were going to tell him. He told us information that some of us did not know.

To be clear, this was not scripted. He obviously knows the national burden of Alzheimer’s inside and out and has already coordinated with several agencies and organizations to act.

He introduced us to his staff and a senior staffer from the Appropriations Subcommittee. They listened to each of our stories, including mine about my grandpa, and to our plea for support. They asked questions, took notes and accepted literature.

They discussed implementing the BOLD Act, PCHETA, the new Younger Onset Act, the Improving HOPE Act, and about FY2020 Research Funding. They went beyond the issues in the legislation. They even noted my March letter in the Missourian.

Previously, I wrote that “Sen. Roy Blunt has supported past legislation addressing the Alzheimer’s crisis.” My correction: Sen. Blunt has not merely supported legislative efforts; he has and continues to spearhead them. He has made the Alzheimer’s crisis a national priority.

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