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Congress Approves Brown-Blunt Manufacturing Bill In Omnibus

December 15, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (Mo.) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio) applauded the U.S. Senate’s passage last evening of the “Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act” (RAMI). The bipartisan legislation was included in the appropriations omnibus bill, which is now headed to President Barack Obama’s desk.

“I’m pleased Congress passed this common-sense, bipartisan bill to boost manufacturing and create jobs in Missouri and nationwide,” Blunt said. “Supporting innovation and manufacturing in America will help us continue to compete in a global economy. I look forward to building on this success in the new Congress and working with my colleagues to pass policies that encourage more economic opportunity and jump-start good-paying jobs for workers in Missouri and nationwide.”

“Made in the USA is here to stay with this bill. This bill focuses our nation’s strengths toward a common goal: revitalization of American manufacturing and innovation,” Brown said. “When American manufacturing moves to other countries, we don’t just lose production – we lose innovation. A Network for Manufacturing Innovation would foster public-private partnerships that give small businesses, industry leaders, and research institutions the tools they need to compete on a global scale. These regional, industry-led hubs will leverage local expertise and will create thousands of high-paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs for American workers. We’ve seen it work in Youngstown, now it’s time to advance this effort nationwide.”

Blunt and Brown originally introduced a version of the bill in the Senate in August 2013, which passed the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation by voice vote in April 2014. U.S. Representatives Tom Reed (N.Y.) and Joe Kennedy (Mass.) introduced a companion version of the bill in the House, where it passed in September 2014. The bill would strengthen American innovation and position the United States as the global leader in advanced manufacturing by establishing a Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NMI). For more information on the bill, please click here.

According to the Missouri Department of Economic Development, nearly 10 percent of Missouri's workforce is currently employed in manufacturing. Aerospace and transportation equipment are the two largest advanced manufacturing sectors in Missouri.

Missourians Applaud The Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act:

  • “We are grateful to Senator Blunt for his leadership and support of manufacturing in Missouri and across the country. This legislation will help chart a new course to support Made-in-America manufacturing in the technology sector and help prevent losing U.S. manufacturing jobs,” said Dr. Terry Brewer, founder and CEO of Brewer Science headquartered in Rolla, Mo.

  • “Sustained economic security depends on both scientific breakthroughs and the ability to successfully translate those discoveries into real products. This legislation recognizes the critical roles that universities, government, and industry play in the creation of new materials, the development of new processes, and the education of a highly-skilled workforce,” said Mark Wrighton, Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.

  • “The Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act will help us to build on the work we are already doing with local universities and community colleges to ensure that we are as competitive internationally and create as many high-paying manufacturing jobs as possible,” said Don Nissanka,  CEO of Exergonix, a manufacturer of energy storage systems and a company focused on building the Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee’s Summit, Mo.
  • “These NMI hubs would allow and encourage collaboration from design to full implementation of innovative ways to manufacture complex products to meet our future needs. Universities like ours across the nation are ready and willing to work in lock-step and with industry to do what will be required for our manufacturing capabilities to continue to be at a world-class level,” said Dr. K. Krishnamurthy, Vice Provost for Research at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo.
  • “Manufacturing is the cornerstone of American economy and this legislation is an important step toward its revitalization…. This issue is of particular importance to America’s community colleges as we play a key role in the training of employees for manufacturing and are home to great innovation in collaboration with our local universities, industries, and local, state and federal governments,” said Dr. Hal Higdon, Chancellor at Ozarks Technical Community College

 Background On The Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act:

  • This bipartisan bill will leverage federal resources with non-governmental know-how in a broad assortment of manufacturing sectors that Americans and people all over the world will come to rely on in the future.

  • The legislation is designed to bring together industry, universities and community colleges, federal agencies and all levels of government to accelerate manufacturing innovation in technologies with commercial applications. It would establish public-private institutes to leverage resources to bridge the gap between basic research and product development.

  • Senators Blunt and Brown worked together to pass a bipartisan amendment to the FY14 Senate Budget aimed at supporting the creation of a network of manufacturing innovation hubs. The Brown/Blunt FY14 Budget amendment was supported by a number of organizations, including:

  • National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
  • Association for Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
  • SEMI North America
  • US Conference of Mayors
  • Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
  • Council on Competitiveness
  • International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • United Auto Workers (UAW)
  • Association of American Universities
  • Semiconductor Industry Association
  • American Auto Policy Council

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