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Senator Blunt Marks Third Anniversary of President Obama's Failed Stimulus

February 17, 2012

As we mark the third anniversary of President Obama signing his so-called “stimulus” into law, most Americans are wondering: What do we have to show for it?

Unfortunately, the answer is pretty disappointing.

With the passage of this costly $825 billion spending bill, President Obama promised that the nation’s unemployment rate would drop below 8 percent.

But instead, Americans saw the jobless rate hold steady above 8 percent for 36 consecutive months – leaving nearly 13 million Americans out of work today.

Meanwhile, we’ve watched our nation’s debt skyrocket to more than $15 trillion – saddling future generations with the burden of this administration’s reckless spending agenda.

And it’s been well over 1,000 days since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate met their legal obligation to pass a budget. In fact, Senator Reid has already announced that he has no plans to vote on a federal budget this year.

President Obama introduced his proposed budget this week – which includes the highest tax hike in American history and more of the same out-of-control spending policies that we’ve come to expect.

Clearly, this wasn’t a serious proposal – it was a campaign document from a President worried about saving his own job – not creating jobs for more Americans.

More spending. Higher unemployment. Record debt. That’s what we have to show for the Obama Economy and the so-called “stimulus” debacle.

Missourians and people across America deserve better, and I’m committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to help pass policies to reduce burdensome regulations, rein in reckless spending, and provide more certainty for job creators so we can jumpstart America’s economy.


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