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Senator Blunt: ObamaCare Train Wreck Will Only Deliver More Broken Promises & More Bad News

May 10, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement in light of President Barack Obama’s health care speech today:

“In the three years since ObamaCare became law, it’s become increasingly clear that President Obama’s flawed health care plan will only deliver more broken promises and more bad news – stifling job creation and creating more uncertainty for families, seniors, and small businesses,” said Blunt. “Instead of launching another P.R. campaign in a desperate attempt to fix his ObamaCare ‘train wreck,’ it’s time for the president to get serious about passing common-sense policies that will put patients and doctors in control of their health care, without discouraging job creation and economic growth.”

Recently, Senator Max Baucus (Mont.), Chairman of the Finance Committee and one of the key authors of ObamaCare, warned that implementing the bill will be “a huge train wreck coming down.” And just last week, President Obama admitted there will be “glitches and bumps” in the roll-out of ObamaCare.

Investor’s Business Daily reported, “retailers are cutting worker hours at a rate not seen in more than three decades — a sudden shift that can only be explained by the onset of Obamacare's employer mandates.”

And the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned that the president’s health care plan will slash approximately 800,000 jobs, increase government spending by $1.2 trillion, and force 7 million Americans to lose their employer-sponsored coverage.

To read Senator Blunt’s recent op-ed regarding ObamaCare’s broken promises, click here.

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