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Senator Blunt: President Obama’s China Deal Isn’t Fair For U.S. Families, Workers

January 26, 2015

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, a majority of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of an amendment expressing a Sense of the Senate that President Barack Obama’s greenhouse gas agreement with China has no force and effect in the United States. The amendment was introduced this week by U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) and co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Jim Inhofe (Okla.) Shelley Moore Capito (W.V.). To read the amendment, click here.

The amendment expresses the U.S. should not agree to any bilateral or other international agreement on greenhouse gases that imposes disproportionate and economically harmful commitments on the United States. To watch Blunt’s floor remarks yesterday, click here.

“The agreement that President Obama unilaterally negotiated with China is a bad deal for American workers, families, consumers, and communities. American workers will pay the price for President Obama’s unilateral agreement, while China will enjoy the limitless ability to grow its economy,” said Blunt. “This deal is economically unfair and environmentally irresponsible, and it’s just another example of President Obama’s continued executive over-reach.”

“Members of Congress who voted for this amendment reinforced that the President cannot make an international agreement without the advice and consent of the Senate and cannot impose rules that go beyond the scope of the Clean Air Act," said Inhofe. "Despite how the President proceeds to act about the U.S.-China agreement, there is no enforcement mechanism. China will continue to build coal fire plants, and are currently bringing online one plant every 10 days. In the meantime, President Obama will attempt to charge forward with his climate policies that encourage American companies to ship their jobs overseas where it is more affordable to do business. Americans deserve better, and I will work with my colleagues to protect American families from experiencing economic hardship at the hands of unchecked regulations. I am proud to join Senator Blunt on this amendment, and to stand with the Senators who share my concerns.”

“Once again, President Obama turned his back on hard-working families when he unilaterally imposed a climate deal with China that helps our foreign competitors while hurting American energy and manufacturing jobs,” said Capito. “I am proud to co-sponsor this amendment with Senator Blunt, and I will continue to work with my Senate colleagues to protect good jobs and affordable energy in West Virginia and around the country.”

President Obama’s China agreement requires the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. However, it allows China to increase emissions until 2030 before they even consider taking steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The amendment has been endorsed by the American Energy Alliance, Americans for Limited Government, 60 Plus Association, Institute for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity, the United States Consumer Coalition, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Industrial Energy Consumers of America, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, and the National Taxpayers Union.

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