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Senator Blunt’s Response To Supreme Court’s Decision To Take Up HHS Mandate

November 26, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) released the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the controversial Health and Human Services’ (HHS) health care mandate, which violates Americans’ religious freedoms:

“By failing to protect religious freedom, the Senate guaranteed that the courts
would have to act. I'm pleased the Supreme Court has decided to hear this
important case. The HHS mandate is an enormous government overreach and it violates Americans' constitutional rights.  Employers should not be forced to choose between giving up their business for their faith or giving up their faith for their business.”

Today’s Supreme Court decision comes after new polling showed 59% of
Americans oppose the mandate requiring religious individuals, faith-based
institutions, and businesses cover services that violate their deeply-held
religious beliefs. 

To read more about Senator Blunt’s work protecting religious freedom in health care, click here

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