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Blunt Calls for Quick Action on Critical Nominations

May 19, 2020

WASHINGTON – At the Senate Republican leadership press conference today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) voiced his frustration with Senate Democrats needlessly delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s nominees to critical positions within the government. As Blunt noted, the Senate finally voted today on the nomination of Trey Trainor to serve as a member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Trainor’s confirmation restores a quorum at the FEC, which has been without one since August of last year. Without a quorum, the FEC cannot fulfill some of its most important functions in an election year, like holding hearings, making new rules, issuing advisory opinions, conducting investigations, or approving enforcement actions. 

Following Are Blunt’s Remarks: “The president today expressed some totally justified frustration in the continued lack of cooperation from the other side, and our ability to get nominations through the Senate and to work. The Intel Committee today voted out the John Ratcliffe nomination to be the Director of National Intelligence. In almost any other time, a nominee of that importance would not be left to wait for another couple of weeks, but would get this done now. You could do this with cooperation today or tomorrow, nobody thinks that’s likely to happen, and that’s unfortunate. The president is frustrated by that.

“We’ll vote later today on Trey Trainor, to add the fourth member and [go] back to an even number of Republicans and Democrats on the Federal Election Commission. Trey Trainor was nominated by the president in 2017, and 2018, and 2019, and finally we’ve worked through all the obstacles to get that nomination to the floor and get the FEC back in business.

“A lot of complicating things happened with the new laws and the new ability to raise money for other entities. Vice President Biden just announced this week, his committee did, a structure that will allow him to raise $620,600 from one person for all the various groups he’d be raising money for. I’m sure that that’s legal, but I’m also sure that we need an FEC in place to look at any challenges to that or any other issue, so the FEC could actually open an investigation on anything, which they have not been able to do for eight months now - the longest time ever that the FEC did not have a working majority. We’ll do something about that today, but there are other nominations that easily could have been dealt with this week, if we had cooperation on putting people in place that should be in place to run the government and protect the country.”

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