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Blunt Criticizes Dem Policies that Have Led to Higher Inflation, Workforce Challenges

September 15, 2021

WASHINGTON – At the weekly Republican leadership press conference yesterday, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) discussed the economic challenges our economy is facing, including rising inflation and employment shortages, thanks to Democrats’ misguided policies.

Following Are Blunt’s Remarks:

"Well, with the backdrop of what was happening in Afghanistan, the other thing, I think, 100 senators saw at home—certainly, I know every Republican senator saw at home—were ‘help wanted' signs, 'now hiring', ‘bonus to fill out an application.’

“I think it was announced the 8th of September that there were 10.9 million job vacancies in America. There were 8.4 million Americans who said they were looking for work. That's a pretty dramatic statistic: more jobs out there to be filled than people looking for work.

“Inflation is real. Input costs are up everywhere. We'll see if it's short-term or not, but we know for sure that it's driven by more government money going into the system. And we've got to get real about government spending and government programs and how much we can afford to do.

“Apparently, governors—Democrats and Republicans—have gotten real about the extra $300 a week that was in the March bill that Democrats passed by themselves at a time when the economy was clearly coming back. There was no reason to incentivize people to stay at home. And that ended Labor Day weekend.

“The administration had already announced that governors could take their COVID stimulus money and replace that $300 with their COVID stimulus money. Not a single governor has stepped forward to do that. And, in fact, the Democratic governor of New Jersey explained his decision not to do it by saying, ‘we must ensure that we are appropriating these funds judiciously for the greatest possible long-term recovery.’ So, that Democrat governor and others have made the same decision that Republican senators here made on this topic, which was: don't do it. It doesn't produce the right result.

“And there are jobs out there. Obviously, all the jobs and the skills don't match. We need to be very focused on that. But we need to do what we should do here not to make the current problems of job vacancies—NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business said one-half of all small businesses reporting they were having jobs that they were having a hard time filling. We need to figure out how to solve that problem instead of continue on the course that makes it worse.”

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