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Blunt Joins Bill Hemmer on Fox News to Talk Ratcliffe Nomination, China Threat

May 05, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, joined Fox News’ Bill Hemmer to discuss the nomination of John Ratcliffe to serve as the Director of National Intelligence, and the threat posed by China’s effort to expand its global influence. 

Following is an Excerpt of Blunt’s Interview: 

“I think the president’s generally been very tough in his relationship with China, very tough in his view that too many of our jobs have gone there and that we’ve become too dependent on them in too many ways. I think that continues and this encourages that to continue. …

“What we’ve been saying for several years now, in the last decade, we’ve seen China take over organizations at the U.N. on human rights and other things. Their influence with other countries that they’ve been able to buy with the Belt and Road, and other incentives for those countries to agree with them, have been a real problem.This is a different problem than it was 10 years ago. And when the president came into office three years ago, a lot of this was already very much in place because we’ve taken this attitude for almost a decade that it didn’t matter somehow what China was doing at the U.N., or what China was doing at the World Health Organization or how China was ignoring other worldwide norms and standards.  And the president has talked about this from day one. I think the American people have finally come around to the understanding that there was real meaning in these concerns about China, that they intend to be a major competitor militarily and in every other way, and we have to take this just as seriously as they do.”

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