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Blunt Participates in Senate Signing Ceremony for USMCA

January 22, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) participated in a press conference ahead of the enrollment ceremony for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act. The bill enrollment marked the final step before USMCA heads to the White House for the president’s signature.
Following Are Blunt’s Remarks:
“Well, thank you, Chairman. And I don’t get to the president pro temp’s office that often, so I’m glad to be here with you, and here to be with you on this day.  
“The three things the government can have the most impact on in the economy are: tax policy, regulatory policy, and trade policy. Our tax policy is really good, with the chairman’s leadership. Our regulatory policy is, I think, having much more impact on the economy than most people anticipate. And now with the agreements that the chairman of the ag committee just listed, and Senator Portman talked about, there’s a real optimistic sense that that third thing that the government can do something about is in a dramatically different place than it was 90 days ago.
“For us looking around this group here assembled, USMCA, not only with our number one and number two trade partners in the world, but where we live probably even more significant than that. The top two state economies impacted by USMCA are Arizona and Texas, and right after that you come pretty much right down the middle of the country. Missouri is usually listed at four or five of the state economies impacted in a good way by USMCA and impacted in a bad way if somehow NAFTA would’ve just gone away rather than been replaced with this.
“The Kansas City Southern Railroad basically is the NAFTA Railroad. We have auto manufacturing, we have agriculture, so that trade going both ways, critically important. And that would be the case of every single state represented here. This is a significant economic step forward for where we all live and, I think, for the country as well.
“Never want to forget our number one trading partner is Mexico and our number two trading partner is Canada. We just made an agreement also with the third biggest economy in the world, Japan, and the second biggest economy in the world, China. Those are incredibly significant in driving what’s already the strongest economy in the world.” 

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