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Blunt Slams House Democrats for Blocking USMCA, Government Funding Bills

December 03, 2019

WASHINGTON – At the weekly Republican leadership press conference, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.), a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, called on House Democrats to pass the USMCA trade deal and to work with Republicans to fund the government.

Following Are Blunt’s Remarks:

“Well, it’s already been said. We’re waiting for our friends on the other side to step up and do the work that needs to be done. Early in the year, they passed a lot of bills that had absolutely no chance of passing the Senate or ever being signed into law. Now’s the time when the real work needs to be done -- the trade bill, the appropriating bill, keeping the government functioning.

“As Senator Barrasso just said, the Speaker said they can walk and chew gum at the same time. Well, not sure if they’re walking or chewing gum, but they’re only doing one thing and that one thing looks like it’s heading toward an almost totally partisan impeachment vote. That’s going to be hard to explain to the American people, a plan that had no chance of success, while the daily work of the Congress and the daily work of the government is set aside.

“For the first time in 59 years, we’re struggling to pass the [National] Defense Authorization Act. We need to get busy right now to take those numbers that the Leader said had been agreed to and appropriate the money and keep the government running. The first defense bill pay raise, and the biggest in ten years, is in one of those bills. It’s time to do our work, it’s time to do the work that actually can become law, rather than to do work and talk about it that can’t possibly become law.”

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