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On Fox News, Blunt Slams Democrats’ Politically-Driven Impeachment Efforts

February 05, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) joined Ed Henry on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom to discuss the Democrats’ politically-driven impeachment efforts. 

Following Are Excerpts From Blunt’s Fox News Interview:

On Democrats’ Impeachment Efforts: “This Has All Been Political”: 

“Well, you know, what they've done is they pursued something that was never going to work. They defied all of the advice that anybody would be given on this, not to go down a totally partisan impeachment line. From the day they had their vote in the House, anybody who knew how this process worked knew that a partisan vote in the House was going to result in a partisan vote in the Senate. This has all been political. There’s always a certain amount of politics in any impeachment discussion, but this has been totally political, timed in a way to actually have this vote today after the president's State of the Union, after the election ballots have already started being cast. I think it's outrageous and frankly I don't think any senators are really paying much attention to what Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler now believe is the best thing to do.” 

On President Trump’s Accomplishments:

“You know, people wanted somebody in that job who was going to come in and shake up Washington, and he’s done that. But I think every single week he has learned how to use this system, how to work within the system better than he did the week before.

“Mentioning the great results on judicial appointments. Not just two Supreme Court appointments, but what we’ve done to change the Court of Appeals level, federal judges, this lifetime impact of his presidency. I think he has a much better sense of that, and I think the president learns just like I do every single day. He’s had a great three years.”

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