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On Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren, Blunt Discusses President Trump’s Accomplishments, COVID-19 Relief, & More

November 01, 2020

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) discussed President Trump’s accomplishments, election security, COVID-19 relief, and more on Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren.

Following Are Excerpts From Blunt’s Interview:

On President Trump’s accomplishments:

“I think the President should be re-elected, the regulatory environment, the incredible economic successes that he’d had, what’s happened in the Middle East, but what we’ve done generally to hold our allies to account for doing their part of the job. There are lots of reasons to re-elect the President. I think we shouldn’t assume until the election is over that he once again is going to take advantage of that unique way he’s communicated with Americans. It doesn’t show up in polling, but it does show up at the ballot box. […]

“But frankly, I think the President would be better off in this final weekend talking about the record-setting, never-before-happened growth in GDP in the last quarter, how he led us to significant economic opportunities space through the first three years in the administration, how he’s prepared to do that again. He gets to decide what he’s going to talk about. I think his strongest argument is the economy and there was never better evidence of the economy roaring back than the highest quarterly growth in GDP ever. Almost twice the previous record, which I think was in 1950.”

On whether Republicans will hold the Senate majority:

“I think we will. We may be dependent on one or two elections in Georgia after the election to get to the 51 plus votes we need, but I think there’s a likely pathway that gets us there. And it will make a big difference. President Trump re-elected without a Republican Senate would not be the kind of environment that people would want. And frankly, if Biden was elected, I think not having a Senate that gives some rational thought process to the effort on their side to go off the left edge of the world is an important thing to add.”

On election security:

“The difference in what happened this year and what happened four years ago is the administration worked hard to develop relationships with all the state election authorities and the big election authorities within the states to secure their voting system, to monitor their registration system.

“President Trump did create not just a defensive authority, but an offensive authority where you could go in and make them pay a price. We did that after the 2018 elections, prices were paid. I can’t talk about it, but they were paid and they’re being paid this time, too." 

On Democrats blocking coronavirus relief:

“I think it’s clear that Speaker Pelosi did not want a deal that might possibly benefit President Trump. And that’s been the whole problem from day one.

“And she just has refused to come to the table and come up with an agreement that could get the votes in the Senate, the Republicans and Democrats, and would get a presidential signature. I think anybody that’s watching this closely can’t really blame either the White House or the Senate for not trying to get the deal that worked for the COVID relief, not every single problem the Speaker could think of that she’d like to solve.

“I’m incredibly frustrated we didn’t get this done, and the American people should be too. But the president has worked diligently to get this done, not too focused on a number, but focused on policy. People ought to be thinking about that between now and Tuesday and looking at the Republicans on the ballot, Senate, and House who are working hard to get to a final conclusion. And if you do that, we’re going to have a good election day on Tuesday."

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