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VIDEO: Blunt Discusses DHS Funding Negotiations, Highlights Strength of U.S. Economy

February 05, 2019

WASHINGTON – At the weekly Republican leadership press conference today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) discussed negotiations on the Department of Homeland Security funding bill. Blunt is a member of the bipartisan House-Senate conference committee charged with reaching an agreement on the measure.

Blunt also highlighted the strength of the U.S. economy, noting that there have been 100 consecutive months of positive job growth. Blunt pointed to tax reform and regulatory reform as two areas where Congress and the president have worked together to provide a much stronger foundation for economic growth and job creation.   

Following are Blunt’s Full Remarks:

“On the negotiations, the conference committee negotiations, obviously one of the important goals here is to get all of last year’s appropriating work done. There are a handful of bills that have very little controversy but for many reasons haven’t been part of a package that got a signature on the president’s desk yet.

“So to get that done and, as the Leader mentioned, we’re going to be meeting in the morning with the people who are responsible for the border. And one of the logical ways to look at this is look at their priority list and see how far down that priority list we can get with the money that we have available to get there.

“On the economy, with regulatory reform, commonsense regulation, a better tax policy. The economy, by people who are not supporters generally of the administration, is being heralded as ‘humming’ and ‘booming.’ This is the kind of economy you have where people have money to spend. It’s the kind of economy you have where people feel comfortable and secure with the job they’ve got and at the same time feel like there’s a realistic possibility they’re going to have another one. This is the kind of economy you have when small businesses are taking the money they’re making and putting it right back in the business, creating all kinds of other jobs that are part of doing that.

“We’ve had a hundred straight months of positive job growth. You have to look for a while to find another point where that kind of uninterrupted job growth has happened. And of course, last month’s job growth shocked all the experts. It was more likely to find an estimate that would be half of what the job growth turned out to be than close to what the job growth turned out to be.”

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