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VIDEO: Blunt Honors Service and Legacy of Senator John McCain

August 28, 2018

WASHINGTON – Today, during the Senate Republican leadership press conference, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) spoke on the service and legacy of U.S. Senator John McCain (Ariz.).

Following Are Blunt’s Full Remarks:

“I would say, on the topic of Senator McCain and the Leader’s decision as to how to pursue this, while John McCain always wanted to get things done, he also always wanted to get things done in a regular order so that everybody’s considered what the options might be.

“He’d be the first person, if he was here, to say no we need to put this through a process that would be like the historic process, used in the Senate. Several of you have asked me, in the last couple of days, who will replace John McCain in the Senate? It will be a long time before anybody like John McCain comes along again, his unique story, you know, raised in the house of a soon-to-be Admiral, his grandfather, already an Admiral.

“Truth to power, part of the way he grew up, seeing his parents talk to members of the House and members of the Senate, certainly the prisoner of war experience made a difference in who he was, but he had sort of an explosive energy in a place that is not necessarily energy filled every day.

“There is a portrait in this building of Theodore Roosevelt, where his fist in clenched, he is sitting down, his fist is clenched, that fist, for a long time, has reminded me of John McCain. Not because he was about to hit somebody, but just controlling that energy, that’s what I think that picture meant for his hero, Theodore Roosevelt.

“I think that intensity of his, that immediate willingness to engage and almost every member of the Senate, and several of you, saw that immediate willingness to engage on any topic that he thought you were wrongly headed on.

“We will miss him. I’m sure the Senate will find a way to honor him, but I think the way he would want to be honored would be just as a person who did his best, and while John McCain was often right, and occasionally wrong, he was never in doubt.”

CLICK HERE To Watch Senator Blunt’s Remarks

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