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VIDEO: Blunt Talks North Korea with Jamie Allman in St. Louis

August 10, 2017

WASHINGTON – During an in-studio interview with Jamie Allman on FM News Talk 97.1 in St. Louis yesterday, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) discussed his support for President Donald Trump’s response to recent threats from North Korea. Following are video and excerpts from the interview.

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Following are key excerpts from Blunt’s interview:

“These people have lied to three American presidents in a row and now have gotten to this point. And the message that the president sent was for him, but it was also for the neighborhood and particularly, I think, for the Chinese who should have been listening. …

“[I] think it is important not to take things off the table. Presidents, over the years, who have been most successful in foreign policy, like Reagan and Eisenhower, never took things off of the table. Now, they didn’t speak in that exact language, but they both always made it clear the United States would do whatever the United States needed to do… I think that's exactly what the president is doing, while others like Rex Tillerson, and at the U.N, and other places we work these other channels, they should not assume that we’re going continue to let them do whatever they want to do and then black mail us out of what they might do.”

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