Immigration Solutions

Securing our Borders

  • Senator Blunt remains committed to strengthening our border, stemming the tide of illegal immigration, and protecting the American people
  • Senator Blunt believes that any immigration legislation that reaches the president's desk must address border security first and foremost
  • Senator Blunt supports the utilization of technology, equipment, and increased personnel to enhance our border security

Enforcing our Immigration Laws

  • Senator Blunt believes we must first secure our nation’s borders, then fulfill our legitimate workforce needs, and determine how we deal with people who come to the country illegally or overstay
  • Senator Blunt believes that our immigration laws must be followed, and they must be enforced
  • In 2014, President Obama announced his plans to bypass Congress and enact executive amnesty through a series of unilateral executive actions. Senator Blunt led the Senate’s fight against the president’s executive actions and joined an amicus brief in federal court, which argued that President Obama’s executive amnesty violated federal immigration law and usurped Congress’ constitutional authority to set immigration policy