Before Senator Blunt can make inquiries on your behalf, many federal agencies require that you send us a signed copy of the Privacy Act Waiver. Please fill out the information below, then manually fill out the Social Security number and signature fields before mailing or faxing to Senator Blunt's Columbia, MO Office.

As required by Public Law 93-579, the Privacy Act, I hereby request and authorize Senator Blunt to intercede on my behalf, including the right to review all appropriated documentation that he or his staff deems necessary in connection with the application for assistance or any other action I have pending with the agency named below. I understand that any documents I provide to Senator Blunt or his staff may be copied and forwarded to officials of the agency listed below for review. I understand that all Federal agencies are allowed a minimum of 30 days to respond to congressional inquiries.

Please note: This form is for printing only; this information will not be transferred by email or into a database.

** If you are requesting assistance on behalf of a family member, please provide that person's name. Please be aware that Senator Blunt can only act with that person's permission.

** If you have contacted another congressional office regarding this, please list the office.