Protecting Americans' Second Amendment Rights

Defending your Right to Bear Arms

  • Senator Blunt believes that our Founders clearly understood that one of the most basic rights of Americans is the ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our property
  • Senator Blunt believes the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms is an individual right guaranteed by our Constitution and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court 
  • Senator Blunt will continue to defend our Constitutional freedoms against any effort to diminish them
  • Senator Blunt agrees that we should keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but we must not place unreasonable burdens on law-abiding citizens or move legislation that does nothing to improve public safety
  • Senator Blunt introduced the Freedom from Intrusive Regulatory Enforcement of Arbitrary Registration Mandates (FIREARM) Act to prohibit the federal government from requiring Americans to disclose their race or ethnicity in connection with the purchase of a firearm
  • Senator Blunt cosponsored the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that allows individuals with concealed carry privileges in their home state to exercise those rights in any other state that also has concealed carry laws, while abiding by that state’s concealed carry laws