Feb 13 2018

VIDEO: Blunt Urges Caution as President Trump Weighs Action on Steel and Aluminum Imports

WASHINGTON – At the weekly Republican leadership press conference today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) discussed his White House meeting earlier in the day in which he urged a targeted approach to any trade actions taken by the administration concerning steel and aluminum imports into the United States.

Transcript of Blunt’s remarks:

“I had a chance to go to the White House earlier today with 18 other members of the Congress, members of the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, to talk to the president about the national security concerns that he has concerning steel and aluminum. My view is, if you do anything about unfair practices by countries that endanger our industry in those areas, it needs to be very targeted and very thoughtful.

“But more importantly about this meeting, my view was heard but so was everybody else's. An hour meeting, the press was there the whole time. The president has not made a decision yet and was soliciting information from Members of Congress in what, for me at least, was the most public way I've ever seen a meeting like that conducted in the Cabinet Room or at the White House.

“I thought it had a lot of merit and I'm glad the president did it.”