Oct 04 2017

VIDEO: Blunt: “We Need a Tax Code That Encourages…Higher Take-Home Pay and Better Jobs”

WASHINGTON – U.S Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) spoke on the Senate floor yesterday in support of tax reform. Blunt noted that a simpler, fairer tax code will allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned income, create more high-paying jobs, and increase U.S. competitiveness.

Following are excerpts from Blunt’s remarks: 

“I'm not aware of any of the Missouri constituents that I work for that wouldn't like to see a tax code that was simpler, that was fairer, that did more to create jobs, that was better for individuals that they understood. I don't have anybody come up and say what can we do to complicate the tax code further? Or what can we do to make us less competitive? Or how much more of my money would you like to have to do what you think the government ought to do? I don't have anybody say that to me.

“And so we're now at a time when we have the tools available, we have the focus available that will allow us to move in the right direction. For almost a decade now hardworking families and hardworking individuals have had to deal with below-average economy and below-average wage growth in that below-average economy. Now surely we don't want that to be the new normal. …

“[O]ur goal here in tax reduction and tax reform should be to help families and individuals keep more of their hard-earned money, to empower people to invest in their own future in ways that we currently are not encouraging or just simply not allowing, because we don't let you take enough of the money home from work that you make at work, to make it easier for families to see a pathway toward success, and not to penalize people when they make the right decisions. You know, the tradition has always been if you want more of something, you don't tax it. You don't regulate it. You encourage it. And we need a tax code that encourages more success, that encourages higher take-home pay, and better jobs. …

“We can do a better job. We can do a better job of being sure that hardworking families get to take home more of the money that they've earned with that hard work. And we can also do a better job with the rest of the tax code to be sure that we're creating the kind of opportunity for us to compete as a country, us to compete as a nation, us to be more fairly aligned with the other countries in the world that we compete with, to be sure that those hardworking families have better jobs with more take-home pay to start with.”